The Drill: Field Workout

World of Tanks is glad to announce the launch of a new Championship named The Drill: Field Workout, which will be held in a fresh style: 7x7 with a total of 128 teams. Each team will consist of 7 players and up to 3 substitutes. Teams can be formed by anyone and team members do not have to be representatives of a clan.

The championship format will be 8/42, which means that in every battle a team should have 42 points in total and the vehicles cannot exceed tier 8. Artillery restriction is tier 5.

The battles are expected to last 10 minutes. According to the play-off system teams have to win 2 victories in 5 matches. You are a disqualified if you draw.

The Drill: Field Workout battlefield will be Mines.

The winners will be generously rewarded. Each player of the winning team will be awarded 10,000 gold. Half of the amount, i.e. 5,000 gold each will go to those players who take second place. And finally, the tankers of the teams to take third and fourth places will receive 2,500 gold each.

Registration starts now and will end on August 18th at 23:59 EDT. Register now! The registration will be open until the quota of 128 is filled. We will be operating a first come first served acceptance system.

The general schedule of The Drill: Field Workout tournament is the following:

  • 1/64 – August 22 22:00 EDT
  • 1/32 – August 23 22:00 EDT
  • 1/16 – August 24 22:00 EDT
  • 1/8 – August 25 22:00 EDT
  • 1/4 – August 26 22:00 EDT
  • 1/2 – August 27 22:00 EDT
  • Finals – August 28 22:00 EDT

Detailed rules and regulations can be found here

For further information on The Drill: Field Workout, please click here.

Follow the news in order not to miss the updates including the schedule of matches.

Good luck with training to all who are in!