The Drill: Field Workout Winners!

The championship held within World of Tanks The Drill: Field Workout was carried out in the style of 7x7 with a total of 128 teams. Each team consisted of 7 players and up to 3 substitutes. Teams could be formed by anyone and team members did not have to be representatives of a clan.

The championship format was 8/42, which means that in every battle a team had 42 points in total and the vehicles did not exceed tier 8. Artillery restriction was tier 5.

After a series of severe battles, World of Tanks is ready to announce the results of the Drill: Field Workout Championship, in which teams struggled for the great prizes and the title of Champions!

Angels of Death - Seven Sins won the last battle, in which they fought against AOD-Brosef Stalin Brigade team. Thus, Angels of Death - Seven Sins become the Champions of the Drill: Field Workout Championship and each member of the team will be credited 10,000 gold! Congratulations to the Champions!

AOD-Brosef Stalin Brigade take second place, and each team member is going to receive 5,000 in-game gold! Congrats to you, outrageous warriors!

Two teams faced our champions in semi-finals and take third place: each member of [MLP] Able 1 and My Little Pwnies Bravo 1 will receive 2,500 in-game gold for excellent combat skills; remember that all's ahead! The victory's at hand!

We congratulate the winners of the Championship and thank all teams for partaking. We are sure that with each battle played you will climb to the top and soon we will get new Champions!

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!