Don't Worry, Be Happy! UPDATE

Can you imagine a dead-pan World of Tanks warrior? Guess you can't, as our players are extremely emotional and are used to expressing their feelings in all ways by all possible means. And one of the best ways to express it all in a single shot is a smiley (when you can't use a cannon shell)! Thus, World of Tanks launches its newest contest!

We would like our players to create 5 animated smileys of their own design, which can be used within World of Tanks! Please, note that your smiling masterpieces should suit our forums and have a tank theme. The size of a smiley should not exceed 20 Kb and should have a tag. Post your works here!

Each smiley, that World of Tanks team will consider suitable and good enough for our forums will be probably added to the official smileys list.

And Don't Worry, Be Hap... eh.... Sure that each winning smiley will reward its creator with 500 in-game gold!

The contest starts immediately and will end on the 5th of June 23:59 UTC.

UPD. June 7. The contest is over and the results will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Be Happy and keep Smiling at World of Tanks!