Design Your Tank Skin Contest Is Over. UPDATE June 1st

Design Your Tank Skin is the new contest by World of Tanks, which will require all your imagination and creative skills involved. Here is some information about skins which might help you to create something cool!

We expect our players to make special covers for one of the following tanks: Soviet MS-1, German Leichtetracktor and American T-1 Cunningham. Liven them up and make us jealous of your ideas!

Please, note that the skins should be done so that they can be downloaded. The works should be posted in the special forum topic.

The winner in each category will receive 6,000 in-game gold, second place will be awarded 5,000 in-game gold and third place will enjoy 4,000 in-game gold.

The contest starts right now and will end on May 31st at 23:59 UTC.

UPDATE. June 1st. The contest is over and the results will be announced soon.

Stay tuned to World of Tanks!