Design Your Tank Contest Winners!

World of Tanks Team together with Armchair General offered the unprecedented deal: players had to design the tanks that could have appeared on the battlefields of World War II.

It took a lot of time for organizers to evaluate the images, as the works have been reviewed by professional historians and military experts. And now it is high time to announce the winners, whose works are considered to be most impressive and sophisticated.

Here they are, the winning brainiacs:

First place - keptin and his M5A1E2 Stuart VII. He will get a World of Tanks T-shirt, 3000 gold and 5 days of premium account.

Second place goes to Raptor_Fulcrum with his M38-43. This player will be awarded a World of Tanks T-shirt, 2000 gold and 3 days of premium account.

And two players take third place: _____SCOPE_____, who presented his Rakete-Tiger VI, and Hawkwood26 with S22/40 Italian tank. These place holders will get a World of Tanks T-shirt, 1500 gold and 1 day of premium account.

Their works were considered to be most realistic and mature. The suggested tanks could possibly have appeared on the battlefields of World War II!

We thank all the participants for their works and wish them good luck in further partaking!

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