Design your own Pin Up Poster

Pin up


We are announcing the next Creative contest for June, get your pencils, papers, tablets, and drawing programs ready! If you like drawing, and also appreciate the era of pin up posters, this is the contest for you!

There will be two categories, so be sure you know whch one you prefer as you can only qualify to win for one of them:

  • Pen and paper (scanned drawing/painting)
  • Renders (drawn on computer/tablet)

Pen and paper:

  • All drawings or paintings must be done on canvas or paper using any drawing or painting matertial of your choice.
  • To submit your drawing, send a high resolution scan or picture of your drawing. The better the image, the better chance you have to be chosen! It is difficult for us to judge pictures that are blurry. 


  • All renders need to be done on a computer/tablet, and sent in as one of the commonly used image extensions (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc..)


  • All the posters must be of the pin up style, and drawn, no photos allowed.
  • Your pin up poster can be of either gender, this is up to you, although the design and background need to be of the pin up era and design.
  • Please keep the posters classy! No vulgarities or pornographic tendencies allowed.
  • You have from now until July 6th, 11:59 PM PDT to submit your drawing.

What to send in:

  • Send an email with 2 attachments: one showing the drawing in progress, and one showing the final image.
  • Your email needs to include your game name and which category you are submitting for.
  • Send your email with:
    • Pin Up Poster in the subject line
    • 2 attachments (one in progress, one final)
    • Your in game name
    • Your category
    • Email to:


Seeing our players have a keen eye, we will be posting out top 10 choices for each category and will have you vote for your top 5.



  1. 20000
  2. 16000
  3. 14000
  4. 12000
  5. 10000


Happy drawing!

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