Design your own map final winners!



The Wargaming map designers have had the chance to look at the 6 map finalists and have chosen their top 5! Here are the final winners of the Design your Own map contest, with comments from the map designers., as well as some critiques as to why some of the submissions were not chosen for 1st place.


1st place: Commander_M4RK,15000

1st place

This one is the most interesting in all aspects. Plus to that we have one similar in development and probably will take some ideas into consideration.

2nd place: rukasu113,12500

2nd place

The map has well thought game play features. We will release a similar one soon (Airfield)

3rd place: eagle2807,10000

3rd place

 The most original idea and interesting place. We have not even thought about anything like that.

4th place: Flatstiger69,7500

4th place

Fourth map was closed to third place. Unfortunately for the author, the game play was not as thoroughly described as the third place winner. But the idea is very good. Recently we've finished a rough draft for similar map - Rocky Island.

5th place: Dllu, 5000

5th place

Not the best planning for the city. If the author had considered some places for SPGs, the work would receive much higher score.

Honorable mention: Knee_Lube, 2000


It's very similar to the existing map Karelia, though the description is not too bad.


The descriptions and other images for the winners are posted here.


Congratulations to all the winners!

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