Design your own German Tank contest!

Design German Vehicle


Many of you have been asking for another design your own Tank contest, and here it is! We would like to announce the Design your Own German Armored Vehicle contest!

Three prizes will be awarded based upon a thorough description of the vehicle.

Designs for the tank should address the following elements:

  • What primary tank gun would it use?
  • What type of secondary machine guns would be installed on it?
  • What engine and chassis would make it move?
  • What hull and turret shape would be optimal for it?
  • What radio and optical equipment would suit it best?



  • Only one work per player is allowed;
  • The image should not violate the game/forum rules, or EULA.
  • Be sure to only use elements that were available no later than December 1945 
  • Thoroughly describing your tank’s possible development history will be a plus
  • Including a sketch, drawing of 3D render of your tank is a plus
  • The vehicle you send in should be recognizable as a German Vehicle
  • Please send your work with the subject line Design Your Tank to, and be sure to include your in game name in the email.


  1. 10000
  2. 8000
  3. 6000


The contest will be open from now until March 5th, 11:59 PM PST (7:59 Am UTC Tuesday).

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