November Design your Own Vehicle Contest



It is that time again: let your imagination go wild! We are announcing the new Design your Own Vehicle Contest, and this time, it is focused around Steampunk.  For a good example of what we are expecting, check out this work done by Xadhoom on You can also read more about Steampunk here.

We ask of you to design your own vehicle, using your own personal style, and any kind of design tool is accepted: pencil, paint, 3D etc.. There are no limits, as long as the design is your own! All vehicle/tank types are accepted.

The two categories for this contest are:

  • Handdrawn/painted
  • 3D Render


  • Only for NA server players
  • Only one submission per player
  • You may send in up to three image files (preferably jpg) for the single tank design (useful for showing different perspectives)
  • For the 3d renders, please send in a screenshot of your tank in jpg format
  • Send in your submission to
  • Add your game name in the email and Steampunk Tank in the subject line
  • You may write up a short story about your tank, history, and/or design concepts to support your design
  • The design must resemble a tank in some way; it needs to be immediately recognizable as a tank, SPG or tank destroyer.
  • The design needs to be yours. Any designs found to be plagiarized will be disqualified immediately.
  • The winning designs will be posted in the forums and in the World of Tanks art gallery.
  • The designs should not violate the game/forum rules, or EULA.

Prizes for handdrawn/painted:

1st place: 10,000 gold.

2nd place: 8,000 gold.

3rd place 5,000 gold.

Prizes for 3D rendered:

1st place: 13,000 gold.

2nd place: 10,000 gold.

3rd place 6,000 gold.

The contest will be open for two weeks and end on December 1st at 11:59 PM PST.

The tanks must have a Steampunk design or they will NOT be considered! 

Please be sure to send in all you submissions between now and December 1st. All the submissions will be reviewed after December 1st. You may post your submissions in this forum if you want to share your designs.

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