Design a French Tank Guide contest

Guide Contest



Are you prepared for your next Design Contest? Now that you’ve had a couple of weeks to use the French tanks, we would like to see how you play them! This contest is focused on creating a guide to playing French tanks. Choose your favorite French tank, and create a guide for it to share with all the other players. Please be sure to choose a tank you know and understand well. We will be looking for detailed guides that are easy to understand and follow.


There will be two categories:

  • Video Category: create your own video guide and upload it to Send us your YouTube link by email to: Create your video however you like – be sure to use the in game replays!
  • Written Category: write up your guide in a doc, pdf, or docx file and send us the attachment by email to: Please be sure to name your attachment: “[username]_frenchguide” so they can be easily found. Also, please check your grammar and spelling.

The contest begins today and ends Friday, February 3rd at 11:59 PM PST (7:59 AM UTC - Saturday).

Submissions need to include:

  • Your game name
  • Which category you are submitting for (only one per player)
  • Email subject line: French Tank Guide

Prizes (for each categroy):


  • 1st: 20000
  • 2nd: 16000
  • 3rd: 12000


Good luck!