Deserter Spread Secret Info

Kill the Deserter held as a supplement for the Operation Husky special on July 28th- 30th appeared to be extremely popular with the players.

We received a lot of screenshots of the killed enemy and below goes the list of those who destroyed the Deserter’s vehicle:

Legionofiron, Deadaim27, V0nLuck, SilasETB, crayon_eater, NBKxMythical, CombineArms, Isaac_isawesome, SunTzu_19D, DreadPirateRoberts, Boots, Ultramarine00, RancidX, brood31877, VIPER262, AdeptusMagus, Grebby, favrepeoria, Monty1604, Sorkkarauta, Sallie, AsurHeX, AdmiralDrake, RedSon, Wolfenslaggen, Splattimus, birddog007, StPayload, 0hanz33, xxSkillzxx, cgul629, Rudkav1tch, AHK1983, DaJoXTeR, TsuTsu, _AzzA_, Mikeyman178, Sgt_Kachalin, fzpete, Cpt_Stupidity, Jakebob, banik4, sakurasennyo, Phantom777, raider10, Lasher02, DazzaD, Mojava.

All of them will be awarded 250 gold.

Although the deserter was successfully destroyed many times, they managed to spread some information about the upcoming features and vehicles. You can check the proof on the forum.

The information is kept by the Courier who will appear here and there on battlefields every second Friday and then re-appear on Saturdays and Sundays. The details of hunting for a courier will be provided on the eve of the event.

Follow the news and you won’t miss out on Kill the Courier event!

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