DedicatedToGamers Review World of Tanks

DedicatedToGamers gives an in-depth narrative description of World of Tanks features, pointing out its game aspects from a player's point of view.

It shows how one can easily get into the game and understand its specifics as the article gives detailed descriptions of in-game tanks, Tank Trees and game tactics.

The author of the article asks questions and answers them, giving a prompt explanation of different parts of the game.

"Imagine a game where you can commandeer a vast array of armoured nightmares, using them to destroy your foes. Imagine playing in a battle where teamwork and effective use of the terrain are key to outwitting and outmanoeuvring the other team. Now imagine shouting “Feuer!” as your PzKpfw VI ‘Tiger’ blows a foolish opponent to smithereens with all 88 millimetres of its considerably dangerous gun barrel. That, dear readers, is World of Tanks."

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