Clan Wars Downtime and Map Changes: March 18-19


The Clan Wars Global Map will be frozen from March 18 to March 19 during a period of maintenance. We expect the downtime to be roughly 24 hours, and we hope to have you back in game as soon as possible!

Downtime Begins: Tuesday, March 18, 02:15 PDT (05:15 EDT)

Downtime Ends: Wednesday, March 19, 02:15 PDT (05:15 EDT) 

Please note that these are approximate times and may be subject to unexpected change.

Map Changes

We'll also be using this break to implement a few map changes to the Clan Wars map. You may have already heard that Sacred Valley was removed from the map rotation, so too will it be removed from the Clan Wars map. We'll also take this opportunity to return Detroit to its natural state.

Maps being introduced:

Himmelsdorf Winter Ruinberg on Fire Northwest
Winter Himmelsdorf
Ruinberg on Fire Northwest

Full Map Changes List

Province New Map
Somerset Island Fjords
Paulatuk, Northwest Territories Fjords
Keele Peak Mountain Pass
Prince George, British Columbia Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta Himmelsdorf Winter
Southern Labrador Tundra
Crown Prince Christian's Land Severogorsk
Southern King Frederick IV Coast Mountain Pass
Detroit, Michigan Ruinberg on Fire
Syracuse, New York Fisherman's Bay
River of No Return Wilderness Northwest
Winnemucca, Nevada Northwest
Salt Lake, Utah Northwest
Colorado Mineral Belt Northwest

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