The Cunning Matryoshka. Finished.

The Russian nesting doll Matryoshka has always attracted attention of people, as it seemed to be a pretty simple doll, but one should not judge a book by its cover - Matryoshka has its own secrets, and once you open it, you find the other one inside. And now World of Tanks dares to put you into The Cunning Matryoshka quest which will require all the player's skills and savvy to get through it.

The Cunning Matryoshka contains several riddles: one by one, riddle by riddle, you will get to the inner Matryoshka which will hold for you the final secret answer, just as Matryoshka gets smaller the questions will get harder.

But Matryoshka is cunning and the riddles are hidden everywhere! They can be in the forums, Twitter and who knows where else they may be?

Follow the Cunning Matryoshka and jump into its first riddle.

The event starts at 9.00 AM UTC May 1 and ends at 9.00 AM UTC May 2. The first seven lucky men who send the answer to will be awarded with 5,000 in-game gold.

UPD. May 2. The Cunning Matryoshka is over. The results you can find here.

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