Courier Took over Deserter

Kill the Courier event, which took place during August 12-14, is over presenting its results. The task of the rivals was to destroy the vehicle of the Courier as they possessed secret information. In order to prevent its spread, the Courier had to be stopped.

Many tankers partook in the event and now we are ready to announce the names of those who will receive gold for preventing the Courier from leaking secrets!

Each of the following players will be credited 250 gold: Fealon, NX915, yoshi_toranaga, Stankytanky, Phoenixqc, Blunt_Object, Kalis, DDemon, Beafsquad, Dungbeetles, _79_Para, tim1066, SAWOldFox, Orion1008, kerag, Velineon, Ker, LordNado, Praetorian223, tht1american, lolccp,n trainwreckDUB, Minist3r.

We congratulate the tankers and see you on the battlefields!

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