Contests Marathon Is Over. UPDATE. June 1st

Today is the lucky day for all players, who seek for a place to demonstrate their artistic skills.

The long-awaited patch v.0.6.4 which represents the quintessence of players’ suggestions and impressions gathered will be released soon. In addition to it our warriors will be able to partake in anticipated Clan Wars! This never-ending campaign will put the players on the battlefields of the Global Map, where they will fight for world domination. But before these magnificent events happen, we have many important things to do.

To enlighten the wait we are glad to announce the launch of Contests Marathon to involve Clans and individual soldiers of World of Tanks!

Our players can take part in the contests, taking into account rules obedience.


Elbe Day  

“April 25, 1945, was the date Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany, marking an important step toward the end of the World War II in Europe.”

World of Tanks warriors should make images in the style of historical photos on the basis of in-game screenshots. The rules of the contest are given in the special forum topic.

The contest will close on the 8th of May 8:00 UTC.

UPD. May 8. The contest is over.


Clan Parade

Use unique chance to frighten the enemy with your carefully honed coordination and discipline! Make a video of your Clan as if you are on Parade! Your 1 to 5 minutes long videos should contain at least 10 Clan tanks. The rules of the contest are given in the special forum topic.  

The contest will over on the 8th of May 8:00 UTC.  

UPD. May 6. The Clan Parade contest will over on May 31st at 8:00 UTC.

UPD. June 1st. The contest is over and the winners will be announced soon.


Kill the Mod: The Return of Tank Company

UPD. May 6. May 15 starting 5:00 PM UTC and up to 7:00 PM UTC the team of WoT developers and moderators will unite again to fight against players. If players’ team wins, each warrior will be granted 1,000 in-game gold. In case of defeat each participating player will get 500 in-game gold. And 750 in-game gold will be your reward for a draw. More information on the event is given in the special forum topic.

If your tank company happens to appear struggling with the tank-knights of twice, you won’t be granted any gold for your second and all the further battles. However all the victories still count as they cannot but bring the enjoyment of defeating such enemies. Use the chance to show off your combat skills!

We invite all our soldiers to take part in the stunning Contests Marathon!


UPD. April 27. The prizes for Elbe Day Contest are the following: the winner will receive 12,500 in-game gold. Second place will be awarded with 8,500 in-game gold, and third place will be granted 5,000 in-game gold.

The prizes for Clan Parade are the following: first place will be granted 30,000 in-game gold, while second and third places will be awarded with 20,000 and 10,000 in-game gold respectively.


Stay tuned!