Contests for the Week of January 15

Howdy Tankers!

After falling behind last week we're happy to announce the winners of Caption Contests 7 & 8, and to reveal the image for Caption Contest 9. Also, how would you like a chance to win some sweet Logitech Gaming hardware? Then you should check out the Extreme T2 Stunt Tank Creative Contest for a chance to win some great prizes. We also have our finalists for the T2 Stunt Poster Contest, so please take a moment to vote for your favorites.

Caption Contest 7 Winners


1st Place: Dogface_GI -- "Mom says you have to let me play." "ARGH" 500

2nd Place: TsarCidron -- Loltraktor: "Dad, why is it that I don't have a mom?" Maus: "Son, in Germany, we have Leopards, Tigers, Panthers, but we have a serious lack of Cougars! Until I find one..." 250

3rd Place: Patriot1998 -- "I don't always kill Mauses, but when I do, I prefer my leichttraktor. He is, the most interesting tank in the world." 100

Caption Contest 8 Winners


1st Place: Stang69 -- Little Tank: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" TOG: "If you don't stop right now, I will turn this tank around and go back to our base." 500

2nd Place (tie): akeddie -- "Call now and we'll throw in the Loraine 39 absolutely FREE!"  250

2nd Place (tie): 1___Yummy_Lemming___1 -- "With our tanks combined, I'm Captain TOG!"  250

3rd Place: TURBO9011 -- "Yo, dawg, I heard you like tanks so we put a tank on a tank so you can tank while you tank!" 100

To congratulate the winners or discuss the contest you may do so here.

Caption Contest 9

Submit Your Caption

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1st Place: 500

2nd Place: 250

3rd Place: 100

You'll have until 23:59 PST on Wednesday, January 16 to submit your entry. After that the thread will close and a finalist will be chosen, and then we'll open up the voting to the community.

T2 Stunt Tank Video Contest

We are still accepting Entry in our T2 Stunt Tank Video Contest.  A friendly reminder that we have some great physical prizes being supplied by Logitech Gaming for this contest! For more information on this contest please check out this link.

We also have our finalists for our T2 Stunt Poster Contest as well.  We have had some amazing entries, and now you get to help us determine the winners!  Please check out the finalists on the forums and vote for your favorite.

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