Conquerors of the Top

Climb to the Top Contest started several days ago, but even now we are ready to name the striking conquerors of the top! They did their best and stunned us by their hotshot achievements.

It took only 80 hours after the wipe for trumsodo to get his Object 212!

cipherd acquired M40/43 in 87 hours!

SonOfDilbert obtained his Maus in 134 hours after the wipe.

And tony666 got T30 in 138 hours after the wipe!

fmonte gained GW-Tiger in 163 hours, and LinkXx acquired his IS-7 in 181 hours after the wipe!

SPG climbers (Object 212, M40/M43, GW-Tiger) will be awarded 7,000 in-game gold each!

And the winning owners of Maus, T30, IS-7 will get 10,000 in-game gold each for their achievements.

It will be interesting to learn, that on European server it took longer time to get these vehicles, for example, Object 212 - in 90 hours and M40/M43 in 142 hours! And other vehicles are still being researched.

We congratulate our ambitious players on their achievements and inform that they will be awarded with their prizes soon.

Climb to the top and be the best!

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