Clans Staged the Parade!

World of Tanks clans were offered a great chance to frighten the enemy with a carefully honed coordination and discipline via Clan Parade Video Contest. The participants did well job and presented very interesting videos that are full of spectacular shots, lively battles and exceptional forming-ups. And surely, each video was a real fun for its participants! It was hard to find the decision and after a heated debate, World of Tanks is ready to announce the winning videos of the contest!

The DaDs Army in World of Tanks video by The DaDs Army clan impressed everyone with lots of nice formings and entertaining combats. This clan gets first place and will be credited 30,000 in-game gold!

Sturmgrenadier clan's Sturmgrenadier World of Tanks Recruitment Video gets second place and 20,000 Gold! The fascinating way of footage makes this work really bright and outstanding.

And the third place goes to ZEE CLAW corps and their video ZEE CLAW CORPS PARADE World of Tanks! The clan will be credited 10,000 in-game gold for their video, that appeals to the warrior's soul and lets you feel engaged.

Attention! We ask users, who submitted the winning clan videos, to contact Vallter and give him the lists of clan members, who will be awarded with the prize, and the sums of their prizes (We remind you that the amount of prize Gold can be divided into several parts, each of them a multiple of 250).

We thank all the participants for the excellent job done and inform you that you can find some of the videos in the Fan Video section soon!

Stay tuned!