Caption Contest Winners


After sifting through pages and pages of entries--some hilarious, some worthy of a chuckle, and a few real gems--it's time to annouce the winners for last week's contest.

On a separate note, we will not be hosting a Caption Contest this week, but never fear!  We'll bring it back soon...mostly because we like to read the dement...creative stuff you're capable of.  As a refresher, here's the image from last week:


silentkiller97 takes 1st place and 500

"Cigarettes" +10% to all crew skills for the course of the battle.

2nd place goes to mp31b30q9 for 250

Yes, Malinovka is my favorite map
How did you guess?

3rd Place is a tie!  Both acutebuny and _____Captian_HotDog_____  have netted 100

_____Captian_HotDog_____ :

"Hey kid, I can get you a good deal on a lowe."


Not a single Foch was given

You can find these and all the other awesome entries over at the official thread, here!

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