Caption Contest Winners List: This Spot is Taken


Congratulations to all of the randomly chosen winners for Caption Contest #15. Everyone listed below will be rewarded with 200 in their World of Tanks account. For your chance to win in a Caption Contest, stay tuned to the World of Tanks portal for the latest updates. Roll out!

Winners List

  • KungfuciusThePanda I guess that's one way to stop people from taking your spot... 
  • SpartanLady1012 And to think people say that all lemings look the same. 
  • NargilFenris One of these things is not like the other. 
  • Bludevil1468 Lock the doors and drive!
  • Nelagend Please try leaving a ticket! I get extra credits for shooting you! 
  • r00tb33r In Soviet Russia, tank parks YOU! 
  • paul49rs Day 35: the civilian vehicles still do not realize I am a tank 
  • amourrachelle Give me a parking violation, I dare you. 
  • TankyJay Kick da tires? I got one for yous don't even have tires!
  • Madison1234 "Am I arty safe here?"

Original Article: Time to bring your wits to a tank fight because we've got another caption contest that you can enter for a chance to win some gold! Enter today for a chance to win 200.

You have until 23:59 PST on March 24, 2013 to submit a single caption in the entry thread. At the end of that time the thread will be locked, and 10 random entries will be awarded 200. If you have an image you would like to send in for a future caption contest please send it to with subject line of “Caption Contest”. Please make sure to include your in-game name.

Caption Contest #15

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