Caption Contest Winners List: And the Tank Jumped Over the Moon


Congratulations to all of the randomly chosen winners for Caption Contest #14. Everyone listed below will be rewarded with 200 in their World of Tanks account. For your chance to win in a Caption Contest, stay tuned to the World of Tanks portal for the latest updates. Roll out!

Winners List

  • alusinic: I couldn't be a tiger they said, I couldn't be a TD they said. Well, look at me now!
  • elmaswaton: This is ground control to major Tom.
  • dragonkingofthestar: The experimental Luner map was quickly taking off the rotation for reworking.
  • CAJUN_RAGE: What few people realize is that under the perfect conditions, the ferdi is massive enough to have its own gravitational pull on the moon
  • genzou: LOL, i forgot how to ferdinand.... derpzz
  • TigerEnte: KHAAAAAN!
  • Eshowe: And everyone thought the Russians where the first into space....
  • _shouty_: What you don't see is the 20 other tanks with camouflage net as mounted equipment
  • lolletje08: The use of light products have reached a whole new level, World of Tanks makes it possible to buy the newest light products in there tiers. way much better for the environment!
  • tankdestroyer1212121212: Hey look I am the new x-15
  • xAzDKr: They will never find me here!
  • Natep1031: Uhhh Captain? We seem to have made a wrong turn back at Saturn...
  • superjimsmally: So this must be tank heaven.
  • WarriorJoker: There's no cover...but we've got the high ground.
  • Lt_Towerladder: Ummm...Commander....this isn't the International Space Station
  • bjm00: Best. Sniper spot. EVAR!
  • SirDon: As the Moon rules the darkness, SO I RULE IN BATTLE
  • Nincadaguy1: Can't get me now arty!
  • JLune: One small drive for me, one huge long, like 200 mile drive for tankkind. Oh wait, NO. NO!! YOU'RE GOING TOO FAR!! AHHHHH-(signal ends). (Base) - Darn... we spent a lot of gold on that Ferdinand... Next time let's try with a Maus!
  • Tiffis5000: Just jumped over the moon, now what?

Original Story: Our annual caption contest has returned... with a slightly reworked rule set. You'll have until 23:59 PST on March 13, 2013 to enter this latest contest, at which point the thread will be locked and we'll select 10 random entries to reward 200. Your submissions must not be a duplicate of another post, nor should it break the rules in our user guidelines. Keep it clean & classy! Now for the latest image:

Caption Contest #14 - Complete

If you have an image you'd like to send in for a future caption contest, please send it to with the subject line "Caption Contest." Please make sure to include your in-game name so we can give you proper credit (we never got the username for this recent image, so we can't thank his awesome person).