Black Tom MVP 2013 Event


In honor of the formation of the United States Tank Corps, we are running the Black Tom MVP for the second year in a row (not to be confused with our Black Tom Weekend). This is your chance for honor, glory, gold, and to win some awesome prizes provided by Logitech Gaming. Good luck!

The Black Tom MVP 2013 contest will last from January 25th until 23:39 PST on January 31st, all battle submitted must take place durning this time frame.


There will be two categories, each with three different tier limits:

Hardcore Category:

  • Tier I - IV: minimum 50 XP points and 3 achievements.
  • Tier V - VII: minimum 100 XP points and 3 achievements.
  • Tier VIII - X: minimum 120 XP points and 3 achievements.

You may email your entry in any of the three tiers to increase your chances of winning. Your screenshots must be of the garage screenshot with the pop up showing the date, XP earned, and the 3 achievements required. You must have earned the minimum XP required (base XP).

After you calculate your XP points, add these achievement points to your total score:
  • Damaged tanks: 2 MVP points
  • Spotted tanks: 1 MVP point
  • Defender: 3 MVP points
  • Invader: 3 MVP points
  • Scout: 3 MVP points
  • Sniper: 3 MVP points
  • Top Gun: 3 MVP points
  • Confederate: 3 MVP points
  • Steel Wall: 3 MVP points
  • Patrol Duty:  3 MVP Points
  • Ranger:  3 MVP Points
  • Radley-Walters’ Medal:  4 MVP Points
  • Pool’s Medal:  5 MVP Points
  • Orlik's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Tamada Yoshio Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Lehvaslaiho’s Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Oskin's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Nichols’ Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Kolobanov's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Halonen's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Fadin's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Pascucci’s Medal: 3 MVP Points
  • Dumitru’s Medal: 3 MVP Points
  • Burda's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Billotte's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Bruno’s Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Tarczay’s Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Raseiniai Heroes' Medal:  7 MVP Points
  • de Langlade's Medal:  3 MVP Points
  • Bombardier:  3 MVP Points

Please remember that you need a minimum of three achievements for your submission to be considered for the hardcore category.

Casual Category:

  • Tier I - IV: minimum 50 XP points
  • Tier V - VII: minimum 100 XP points
  • Tier VIII - X: minimum 120 XP points

The casual category is very similar to the hardcore one but without the required achievements:

How to Submit Your Battle

We'll be processing hundreds of entries, so we've got to be a little strict just to maintain our sanity. Please follow these submission rules to the letter. Entries that deviate run the risk of being disqualified.

Email your entry to:

Your email subject line must contain "Black Tom MVP 2013" and the category you're entering.

  • Example subject line: Black Tom MVP 2013 Hardcore Tiers I - IV
  • Example subject line: Black Tom MVP 2013 Casual Tiers V - VII
Your submission must include
  • Your XP calculations
  • A screenshot of your pop up after battle report (including your full garage), as well a screenshot of the detailed report tab of the Battle Result.
  • Your achievement calculations (only necessary for the hard core category)
How to Calculate Your XP
  • If you have a premium account: Divide total XP by 15 = XP points.
  • If you have a standard account: Divide total XP by 10 = XP points
  • Remember to divide by 2 if you earn double XP.
  • Example: If you've earned 726 XP and you have a standard account you'd divide 725 by 10 to get 72.5 XP points (725/10=72.5 XP).

You may submit up to one battle per category to increase your chances of winning! If you submit more than one battle in one day in one category, only your first submission will count!  You may not use the same entry for both Hardcore and Casual.

First Place
  • G19 gaming keyboard
  • G700 gaming mouse
  • G35 surround sound headset
  • 20,000(hardcore category only)
Second Place
  • G35 surround sound headset
  • 15,000(hardcore category only)
Third Place
  • G400 gaming mouse
  • 10,000(hardcore category only)

Click here to read the official rules for the Black Tom MVP 2013 event.

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