Bit-Gamer: World of Warplanes Interview


Bit-Gamer sat down with a World of Warplanes game producer, Anton Sitnikau, to discuss the new game project, developed by 

"Bit-Gamer: You've already said elsewhere that you'll be able to transfer free XP between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes accounts. Will gold also be shared? There will be one 'wallet' for all the three games that will let the player transfer both gold and experience from one 'world' to another.

Bit-Gamer: Will there be any other interaction between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks? What about with World of Battleships that you also recently announced? Most likely there will be some sort of interaction on the Clan Wars level but it’s too early to talk about this now."

Besides that, the conversation included other topics related to's game projects. Thus, a reader would learn other interesting things about the three projects and their gameplay and monetary base.

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