Best WOT Tutors Rewards

The target of the contest was finding out whether World of Tanks players are good at both, tanking and teaching to tank. Although there were some really good works in terms of their instructional value, very few players took part in the contest itself. Due to this fact the rules and regulations have been reconsidered and the decision to award all the participants with fair amounts of gold despite categories have been made.

The judges’ final verdict was to award 7,000 gold (according to the rules this is the prize for the victory in the contest) the authors whose tutorials were regarded as highly valuable from the educational standpoint.

hangoverspecial’s entry was chosen the best contest work. It brings them 7,000 gold.

The same prize will be received by Von_Manstein2 for one of their entries. The other two entries will bring the author 2,000 gold each.

Darqueling will also be awarded 7,000 gold for their quality contest work.

The efforts of all other contestants whose works appeared to be depictive rather than instructional from the judges’ point of view will be rewarded. All the players will receive 2,000 gold as a special prize for each tutorial made. Here goes the list of awardees: PwnSh0t, TuddFudders, StManTiS (8,000 gold), Pyrohawk, bigbigzubra, Vuelhering, pmoade, makingthemaker, TheBishop, Saintuther.

Congratulations to all the players! The gold will be enrolled to your accounts within a week.

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