Best WoT-Mixes Announced!

The first music contest held within World of Tanks is over, providing several cool tunes and themes. As the contest was musical, all entries were estimated by sound engineers. After a heated debate we are ready to announce its winners!

The contestants used the sounds and voices heard in the game. By inserting them into their tunes they got very interesting melodies!

The winner is LordLothair whose prize is 6,000 gold for composing this WoT Theme Main!
The runner-up is Dragon108 who will receive 5,000 gold for his World of Tanks will Rock You song!
3rd place goes to bestenemy, whose tanks on fire will get 4,000 gold.

You can see all entries in this topic.

Congratulations to winners and good luck in further partaking!

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!

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