Battle Rhymes - Write Your Lines!

World of Tanks starts its new Poetry Contest! We are asking our players to compose a poetic text dedicated to their best battle played in World of Tanks.

It doesn’t matter whether you come up with a Shakespeare-style sonnet, use Dante’s “Divine Comedy” tercet style, or even practice in blank verse. What matters most is that your poetic inscription should be captivating and emotional. And it might be funny as well! In a word, we are looking for something really outstanding, a piece of poetry that will engage readers and bring us an insight into your world of tanks! Present your masterpiece and let it become an immortal poem!

Surely, the winning poems will be awarded: the winner of the contest will get 6,000 Gold.

The runner-up will be rewarded with 4,000 Gold and 2,000 Gold will be credited to the third place holder!

The contest starts right now and will last till May 28.

Stay tuned!