AtomicMPC: Top Five World of Tanks Tips

The famous Australian web-source for gamers Atomic Maximum Power Computing shares "some hard-won World of Tanks wisdom on being a better tank commander. Are you up to the challenge?"

Once upon a time the author of the article was riding his beloved Tiger 1 tank and suddenly he came to a thought there are several basic tactics which would be useful for all World of Tanks players. Thus, he continued playing and collected five major tips for those who want to enhance their combat skills!

"1. Work as an armoured team. With that in mind, be careful of getting too far ahead of your team-mates and getting surrounded. Even in a tank that is Tiers above the enemies you are taking on singlehandedly, you can be swamped pretty much zerged by faster, more agile tanks.

2. Practice tight fire control. Tracking a tank is supremely useful, as that immobile target is easier for artillery to hit, and it will have its aim thrown off as it slews to a halt, and that player will be forced to possibly use up a vital Repair Kit just to keep moving.

3. Study the ground. For instance, if rolling down a gentle slope towards the enemy, you need to be aware that they may be able to fire directly into your engine deck.

4. Hug cover like a lover. By staying the shadow of a building wall that faces away from likely enemy artillery positions, you effectively block their plunging fire. However, be aware that while you’re doing this, so will others around you – DO NOT BLOCK THEM. Work around them, give them room to move and especially give them room to retreat.

5. GLHF. Take that mantra into your life; no, I mean this seriously. Do not blame your team when you lose (they may deserve, but maybe the enemy is just having a better day), do not rage quit, do not get angry at your artillery support, do not collect $200... wait, wrong game. But you get the idea. This is a magical game where tanks are the only functioning lifeforms and vehicles from the 30s to the 50s all fight happily together. It is the Valhalla of tanks, and is ultimately a very silly (though very good) game. Don’t treat it like life or death, don't set anyone's dog on fire. Good luck; have fun."

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