Reviews World of Tanks

ArmchairGeneral gives a splendid review of World of Tanks in its article World of Tanks – PC Game Review.

"Today I begin another match of World of Tanks with the same anxious anticipation I’ve felt for my previous 1500 outings. Fourteen of my mates in a mix of scouts, heavy and medium tanks, artillery, and tank destroyers fan out into their respective positions. Some form into an ad hoc maneuver force aimed at directly engaging and destroying the enemy team and their 15 tanks. Others, driving tank destroyers and self-propelled guns, take up a more defensive stance. As I power my elite Sturmgeschütz III into position in Prokhorovka to await the inevitable first screen of enemy scouts I can’t help but reflect on the drawing power of this title by, appropriately dubbed World of Tanks."

The review is easy to read as the descriptions of the most important game aspects are interlaced with vivid descriptions of battles, which is favorable for those who prefer action. Furthermore, ArmchairGeneral provides pleasant World of Tanks screenshots, that feature many in-game tanks. It also gives advice to those who want to upgrade their vehicles up faster and win easier!

"If you try to fight alone you are more likely to become a wreck than a Rambo. Stay with teammates."

On top of all that, ArmchairGeneral gave World of Tanks a score of 93%! Full text you can read here.