ArmchairGeneral: Ural Steel Championship 2011

The famous info-source summarizes the results of Ural Steel Championship, held in Moscow in June, in its article World of Tanks Ural Steel Championship 2011, North American Team Coverage.

The story describes happenings of Ural Steel Championship as they were seen by NA team players - we remind you that NA server was represented by Angels of Death, Red Sky, and Iron Wolves teams.

An interesting point of the article is that it compares World of Tanks Championship with the XXII Olympiad, held in Moscow in 1980. More than that, WoT players lived in the same hotel as Olympiad athletes and visitors, and the whole event was carried in Izmailovo Sports Palace, used for the weightlifting competition during the 1980 Olympiad.

Sightseeing, trips, battles and other events happening in Moscow each day are depicted in the story and pictures on Tune in and read the article here!

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