ANZAC Twitter Quiz Winners



After some delay, we're happy to announce that the ANZAC Twitter quiz winners have been randomly selected!

This Twitter quiz was about ANZAC Day and some pretty far reaching connections that can be made to the people and events it commemorates.

We had a total of 1275 emails, with a total of 201 correct answers.

Here is the breakdown per question:

  • Q1: 1
  • Q2: 7
  • Q3: 12
  • Q4: 9
  • Q5: 18
  • Q6: 14
  • Q7: 9
  • Q8: 4
  • Q9: 8
  • Q10: 4
  • Q11: 9
  • Q12: 9
  • Q13: 14
  • Q14: 18
  • Q15: 7
  • Q16: 6
  • Q17: 5
  • Q18: 1
  • Q19: 24
  • Q20: 22

We understand that a number of participants had trouble submitting their answers; we appreciated your patience and your tenacity when it came time to clicking that Send button.  We took into account the technical difficulties and managed to piece together a list of winners.  We'll definitely have all the kinks smoothed out in time for the next quiz (keep your eyes peeled for a slight change to the email address in the coming days).

We will be holding our next Twitter quiz on May 25th! Prepare yourselves!

Congratulations to all the winners! Your gold has already been distributed.

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