All-Star Contest: Dec 26th - 30th


After its long absence, we're happy to announce the return of the All-Star Contest! This event will last five days from Wednesday, December 26th to Sunday, December 30th and you'll be allowed to pick any tier VI tank, including artillery!

Please send your submissions from your games that take place between December 26th at 00:01 AM PST, and December 30th, at 23:59 PM PST. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.

When you send in your submission, please add the amount of XP you earned for that battle and follow these guidelines after obtaining your battle report:

  • Double XP: divide your total XP by 2
  • Premium accounts: divide your total XP by 15
  • Standard accounts: divide your total XP by 10

These XP calculations are not to be added into your All-Star points. They are only useful if you tie with someone else.

There will be five top spots overall.

Prizes for the Top Five:
  • 1st: 10,000
  • 2nd: 8,000
  • 3rd: 5,000
  • 4th: 3,000
  • 5th: 1,000
  • Stay alive!
  • All your battles must take place between the given dates and times
  • Only NA server players can participate in this event
  • Submit your best battle to, with the name of the tank you used.
  • Only one battle can be submitted
  • Add your game name in the email
  • Add "
All-Star Tier 6" in the subject line
  • Add your All-Star points and calculations in the email as well as your XP calculations.
  • Only random battles or platoons allowed.
  • These are the achievements to calculate:
    • Damaged tanks: 2 All-Star points
    • Spotted tanks: 1 All-Star point
    • Defender: 3 All-Star points
    • Invader: 3 All-Star points
    • Scout: 3 All-Star points
    • Sniper: 3 All-Star points
    • Top Gun: 3 All-Star points
    • Confederate: 3 All-Star points
    • Steel Wall: 3 All-Star points
    • Radley Walters: 3 All-Star points
    • Pool's : 3 All-Star points
    Here is a list of what we require for your entry:

    Note: If you are missing any of these, it will cause your submission to be disqualified.

    • Two screenshots of the battle results, one of the Personal score, and one detailed report.
    • One screenshot of the garage with the end game pop up showing the achievements (We need to see the whole garage with your name included.  Do NOT send us a shot of just the cropped pop up).
    • Show the All Star points calculations and total in your email.
    • Add your game name in the email.

    These items are all mandatory; it makes it much easier for me to determine the winners as quickly as possible.

    We will post a reminder of these rules before each All Star.