All Star #1



Beginning in January, we will be holding regular All Star contests. There will be two All Star events each week, one Monday – Tuesday, and the next Wednesday - Thursday. for this All Star # 1, these are the vehicles required: Grille, Valentine.

Because of the increase of frequency of these contests, we are changing the rules somewhat:

-          The XP tie breaker will be implemented: meaning, when you send in your submission, please also add the amount of XP you earned for that battle.

  • Double XP: divide your total XP by 2 and then:
    • Premium accounts: divide your total XP by 15
    • Standard accounts: divide your total XP by 10

-          There will be 3 top spots for each category.

Prizes for each category:

  • 1st: 2000
  • 2nd: 1000
  • 3rd: 500

All the other rules remain the same:

  • Stay alive!
  • Only NA server players can participate in this event
  • Submit your best battle to, with the name of the tank you used.
  • Only one battle can be submitted
  • Add your game name in the email
  • Add All Star in the subject line
  • Add your All Star points and calculations in the email as well as your XP calculations.
  • You may participate in only one category; you cannot win in both categories.
  • Only random battles or platoons allowed.

These are the achievements to calculate:

  • Destroyed tanks: 2 All Star points
  • Damaged tanks: 2 All Star points
  • Spotted tanks: 1 All Star point
  •  Defender: 3 All Star points
  • Invader: 3 All Star points
  • Scout: 3 All Star points
  • Sniper: 3 All Star points
  • Top Gun: 3 All Star points
  • Confederate: 3 All Star points
  • Steel Wall: 3 All Star points
  • Boelter’s Medal: 3 All Star points

This is what we need for this event:

  • The replay file of the battle you are submitting (can be found in /games/World_of_Tanks/Replays). To activate replays: In game, go to your Settings, in the Game tab, and you'll see towards the bottom left "Enable Battle Recording." Check that and your games will be automatically saved in the Replay folder.
  • One screenshot of the garage with the end game pop up showing the achievements (do NOT crop the small pop up, we need to verify also the game name).
  • Show the All Star points calculations and total in your email.
  • Add your game name in the email.

These are all required as it makes the process much easier for me to get the winners as quickly as possible.

We will post a reminder of these rules before each All Star.

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