7outof10 Reviews World of Tanks


"It’s might be a silly name, but World of Tanks manages to unshackle itself from such criticism to deliver one of the more interesting simulations of the year. One-part lightly-realistic tank simulation and one part swift 15-on-15 action, its sedate pace and reliance on teamwork may well explain the millions of players that have sampled its battlefields to date."

The article given on the website of the famous gaming info-source 7outof10 points out main aspects of World of Tanks game project. Along with the description of the gameplay and key features, it explains the battle tactics and controls which are to be used in World of Tanks.

"...World of Tanks functions decently as an online shooter, with battles that playing out in short stretches neatly promoting co-operative tactics rather then lone-wolf rampages. Teams need a variety of hardware taking up scouting, sniping and heavy artillery duties, and in that respect the game caters well for lower-level players that stick to performing the crucial roles of spotting or acting as a speedy lure; both of which are a lot more entertaining than they sound."

Several hints are highlighted in the review for WoT newcomers, making it easier for a player to join the battle and start his own tanking campaign.

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