Top Tankers Rules

Battle Plan

Event duration: from October 27, 03:30 PT / 06:30 ET to November 28, 02:30 PT / 05:30 ET.

Main objective: fight a series of five battles in Random Battles mode with a vehicle of your choice, and achieve the highest average base experience that you can.

  • You can take part in the event in any vehicle starting from Tier VI, except SPGs and certain rare vehicles (see the Eligible Vehicles section below).
  • Each vehicle eligible for the event is included in an individual category with separate top rankings and rewards. The statistics are tracked automatically for each vehicle and player.
  • Having fought five consecutive battles in an eligible tank or tank destroyer, the player automatically enters the event.
  • The statistics are collected automatically for the whole duration of the event. Preliminary results will always be available in the "Top Tankers" section on the official game portal and will be processed daily at 03:50 PT / 06:50 ET (however, it may take several hours to finish updating).
  • Only those players who have achieved leading positions in the ratings by the end of the event on November 28, 02:30 PT / 05:30 ET, will be considered winners and earn rewards. Results achieved in the interim are not rewarded.

Additional Information

  • Only the results of Random Battles, fought either solo or as part of a Platoon, are counted.
  • The lists of top players will be tracked according to their ranking for each vehicle. The ranking is calculated as the average base Experience earned for an individual’s best performance in a series of 5 battles.
  • Base experience is combat experience earned without a Premium Account time multiplier, multiplier for the first victory of the day, additional experience earned for obtaining awards during events, etc. However, Experience for courageous resistance is counted. There is then a deduction of penalties for damaging allied vehicles or self-destruction (if such a penalty applies).
  • The series of battles fought in the vehicle is not interrupted by fighting battles in another vehicle.
  • If there are two or more players with the same statistics, the player with the greatest base Experience earned for their best battle—within a resulting series of battles—will take the highest position.

Eligible Vehicles

All vehicles of Tier VI through X are eligible to participate in the event, except the following:

  • SPGs
  • Rare vehicles:

  • U.S.S.R.
  • Germany
  • U.S.A.
  • China
  • France
T-22 med.
Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger
VK 100.01
T25 Pilot
T26E5 Patriot
AMX M4 mle. 49
AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté



You can battle for victory in any vehicle available to you. If you reach top positions in several vehicles, you will earn rewards for each of the vehicles. However, you will only earn one award, which corresponds to the highest Class you've managed to reach at the end of the event.

Play Fair!

The event is conceived so that random allies (and Platoons) and enemies can engage in some fierce tank action to determine who among them is a true top tanker. If a situation comes to our attention where players are intentionally fixing matches in order to increase their base Experience earned statistics, the results of such players/groups will be reset for all the vehicles in which they participated in the event, regardless of the vehicle in which they fought the fixed battle. Various penalties can also apply in accordance with the Game Rules.

If a player receives a ban of four days or more for violating the Game Rules, their participation in the event is void. A ban of 1 to 3 days is considered a warning and does not remove the player from the event.

If you believe that you were banned by mistake, you may submit an appeal through our Customer Service Center.