Please note that during the Second Public Test, all new functionalities of the Strongholds mode, except Chancellery and legionaries, are turned off.

At the end of May we announced a new game mode called Strongholds that is currently in development. The announcement was met with curiosity and anticipation, especially from clan players.

Now in preparation for Update 9.3, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to take part in another Public Test of the Strongholds game mode and see the new and improved features with your own eyes! The Strongholds game mode test will be a part of 9.3 Public Test.

Like last time, Strongholds will be available in the game client and is not connected to Clan Wars or the Global Map.

Strongholds represent clan property and consist of a virtual military base, zones surrounding it and auxiliary buildings. Strongholds may be created by clan commanders for free. 

General information

What are Strongholds?

Strongholds is a new game mode designed for Clan members. It will become available in the Update 9.2 game client and has no connection to Clan Wars or any other events or activities on the Global Map. Strongholds represent Clan property and consist of a virtual military base, the directions it may be approached from, and a selection of auxiliary buildings. Strongholds may be created by Clan commanders for free.

Please note that Strongholds can only be created by Clans with at least 20 members.

What is the purpose of Strongholds in the game?

Strongholds represent a Clan's virtual military base in the game. A Clan can develop its Strongholds, build new structures to get access to various bonuses which the Clan can activate at any time. An example of one of these bonuses would be a Clan that receives increased earnings in Credits, XP, Free XP for all battles. It all depends on strategy.

The current version is only a starting point, as additional opportunities for Clans are being planned. For example, Clans may have the chance to attack other Strongholds and defend their own starting at the 5th level. 

And further down the road, there are plans of other types of bonuses that provide unique opportunities during battles, like aerial reconnaissance, artillery fire, creating minefields and more.

Strongholds Structure and Development

Strongholds consists of several main parts:
  1. Command Center – the main structure of a Clan's Stronghold. The level of Command Center is the same level for the whole Stronghold including all structures, the amount of industrial resources and the time for the transporting of them. In the current version, the Command Center is restricted to the 4th level. 
    • Industrial resource – the new currency for Strongholds mode. Industrial resources can be earned in tank battles and can be spent on building and upgrading structures and preparing battle and non-battles reserves (bonuses).
  2. Zone – can be activated by the Clan commander, if the Clan has enough members (each zone requires 20 members). Each zone provides two areas for Structures. In future updates, zones may be used to attack other Strongholds.
  3. Construction Site special area where Structures can be built. Each zone provides two such areas. 
  4. Structures – buildings that can be built within the zone to receive reserves (bonuses). Bonus size depends on the structure level. Structures may be upgraded using Industrial Resources. Each Structure has its own durability and storage, which are determined by the amount of industrial resources. If necessary, you may destroy the Structure.
What kind of Structures may be built? What kind of bonuses do they provide?
StructureReservesBonus TypeMaximum Value*
Financial Unit Battle Payments Increased earnings for all battles (Credits) Up to 50%
Tankodrome Tactical Training Increased earnings for all battles (XP) Up to 50%
Military School Military Maneuvers Increased earnings for all battles (Free XP) Up to 50%
Training Unit Additional Briefing Increased earnings for all battles (Crew XP) Up to 100%
Transportation Unit High-Capacity Transport Increased earnings for all Skirmishes (Industrial Resources) Up to 100%

In future updates, there will be two additional special Structures that produce reserves associated with the proposed Clan Wars between Strongholds:

  • Intendancy - "Evacuation" (to mitigate the adverse effects of ransacking) 

  • Trophy Brigade - "Requisition" (to increase bonus for ransacking another stronghold)

How is the Structure built?

The player choses a Construction Site and the type of Structure. If all requirements are met for the construction, the site appears on the "foundation" of the new building. Then industrial resource are transported to the construction site from the place it is stored or they can be earned in battles (see Skirmishes)

What is the transportation of Industrial Resources?

Industrial Resources can be transported from one building, including the Command Center, to another within your Stronghold. They are necessary to build Structures, upgrade them, and produce Reserves (bonuses). 

Transportation is a long process that is achieved in stages, as the Resources are transported in portions. The portion size depends on the level of the military base.

What are Reserves? How do they work?

Reserves are bonuses that can be produced by special Structures and activated for a certain period of time.

There are 2 types of Reserves:

  1. Battle Reserves include aerial reconnaissance, artillery fire, creating minefields which will be later added to the game
  2. Non-Battle Reserves include bonuses for Credits, XP, Free XP, Crew XP, etc.

Only one Reserve may be used at one time, while other reserves are placed in storage.

There are several types of Non-Battles Reserves, that are listed above in the Structures section. 

There are 10 possible levels for each Reserve. The reserve produced depends on the level of the Structure that produces it. The level of the reserve can be improved by upgrading the level of the Structure. This changes the parameters of the reserve, such as the duration, the size of the bonus, and the time and cost of production.

Battles in Strongholds

How are Industrial Resource earned? What is the role of regular Clan members in Strongholds?

Each Clan member is attached to one of the Clan's Structures. By default, any member is attached to the Command Center; however, players may choose which structure they wish to attach to within the Stronghold.

Please note that only 20 players may be attached to a single Structure; however any number of players may be attached to the Command Center.

There are 3 types of battles in Strongholds:

  1. Skirmishes
  2. Attacks on enemy Strongholds (available in future updates)
  3. Defending your own Stronghold (available in future updates)

All types of battles produce Industrial Resources for the Clan members. The number of resources depends on the base XP that the player received from the battle. Industrial Resources earned from battle are stored in the building that the player is attached to. Industrial Resources are then used to upgrade the Clan's Stronghold.

What are Skirmishes?

Skirmishes are 15 vs 15 battles with teams randomly matched up of players currently queued in the Skirmish mode. Companies may be created by any player to fight in Skirmishes. However, before joining these battles you’ll need to choose the type of Skirmish, which will define the maximum vehicle tier allowed in the battle.

Currently there are three types of Skirmishes:

  1. Medium division (tier I - VI)
  2. Champion division (tier I - VIII)
  3. Absolute (tier I - X)

The rules of these battles follow standard principles similar to those of the Tank Company battle mode. The battle results determine the amount of Industrial Resources earned by each participant and by the team as a whole.

What are the upcoming plans for the Strongholds game mode?

Clan Wars between Strongholds are in the plans, once the attack and defense of Strongholds is added to the mode. Plans also include Strongholds up to the 10th level.