Fame and Victory Points

Fame Points Rules

With the introduction of the Third Campaign comes a number of changes to the way that Fame Points work.  It is now possible for both Clans and players to earn Fame Points.

During the Third Campaign, Fame Points earned for both Clans and players will not disappear when leaving the map.  Additionally, leaving one’s Clan will not affect the number of Fame Points earned by either the Clan or player.  When a player joins a new Clan during the Third Campaign, that player can begin earning Fame Points for themselves and their new Clan from that point forward.

Earning Fame Points - Rules for Clans

Clans accumulate Fame Points based on the Fame Point earnings of its Clan members, via the following rules:

1. A Clan receives Fame Point bonuses for the completion of main strategic objectives and additional secondary stage missions. The amount of Fame Points earned via these bonuses will be published in stage announcements.

2. After each battle, Clans will get the total number of Fame Points earned by all of its Clan members in that battle.

3. Additionally, a Clan earns a fixed amount of Fame Points for the completion of landing missions. (See section 5.8 of the Regulations)

Earning Fame Points - Rules for Players

1. Players receive Fame Points for each battle on the Third Campaign map.

The number of Fame Points that a player receives in battle is calculated as per the following formula:

Player Fame Points = XP × E × T × Z × G

  • XP: total base Experience of battle participants, divided by 15. Experience does not count Premium account and action bonuses.
  • E: campaign stage coefficient, as follows:
First 1.5
Second 1.1
Third 1.0
  • Tbattle type coefficient:
Battle TypeCoefficient
Battle for a province 5
Battle for a province with the land owner after a landing tournament (or revolt) 5
Other battles in a landing tournament (excluding battles for a province against the owner) 1
  • Z: coefficient for secondary missions:
Secondary MissionCoefficient
Supremacy: Win a battle against a Clan that has more Fame Points at that moment 1.1
Offensive Reconnaissance: Win a battle on the map that a Clan has not yet won during the Campaign (such as Malinovka, Ensk, etc.) Battles for provinces, battles with a land owner, and those within landing / revolt tournaments are counted as well 1.5

Coefficients for secondary stage missions will be published in the Regulations for each stage.

  • G: game coefficient, which is only used in the third stage of the Third Campaign (this formula will be published within the rules of the third stage)

2. The number of Fame Points that a player gets for performing landing missions with their Clan will depend on their contribution to the mission (player Fame Points cannot exceed 1/15 of the total Clan mission reward).

Player Fame Points = QP x P / A

  • QP: total amount of Fame Points rewarded to a Clan for mission completion (See section 5.8 of the Regulations); 
  • P: total amount of Fame Points that a single Clan member received for participating in battles to complete a landing mission (including battles that are not connected to mission completion)
  • A: total amount of Fame Points that all Clan members received for participating in battles to complete a landing mission (including battles that are not connected to missions completion)

This formula reduces the chances for individual players to accumulate an abnormally large number of Fame Points and also provides rewards only for players who participated in battles during mission completion.

3. Special cases: mission completion without battles.

If during the course of completing a mission, none of a Clan’s members participated in battles (by way of technical victory, etc.), the mission reward is divided equally between all Clan members with the caveat that a player cannot acquire more than 1/15 of the mission reward.

Note: If a player leaves a Clan before mission completion, they will still receive their part of the mission reward.

4. Players who are in Clans that manage to rank in the Top 3 positions for the 1st and 2nd stages will receive the following bonuses:

  • 1st Place: player Fame Points earned during this stage are multiplied by 3
  • 2nd Place: player Fame Points earned during this stage are multiplied by 2
  • 3rd Place: player Fame Points earned during this stage are multiplied by 1.5

If any dispute appears regarding the accumulation of Fame Points, (suspicion of staged/fake battle, etc.) Wargaming staff reserves the right to request a battle replay, screenshots and other information relating to this dispute. In the event that this information is not provided, the decision adopted by Wargaming staff in this situation is to be considered final. We highly recommend setting “Enable Battle Recording” to “All” in your game settings.