Clan Tasks on the Global Map

Clan Tasks are special missions assigned to Clans that offer diverse activities on the Global Map. Completing Clan Tasks can earn you gold for your Clan Treasury or unique camouflage, emblems, or inscriptions for participating Clan members.

Clan Tasks are available to a Clan during a certain period of time defined by the Reference Prime Time, which can be set in one of two ways:

  • Automatically (default): The Reference Prime Time is the same Prime Time as the most recent province you capture.
  • Manual: A Clan Commander or Executive Officer can choose a more convenient Reference Prime Time for their Clan.

Types of Tasks

Expedition - A chain of tasks that require a Clan to capture a specific province within a certain time frame. After completing an Expedition task, the Clan has a chance to receive another task with a greater reward. If a new task is not assigned, the Expedition ends.

Rewards for Expedition tasks can be in-game gold or unique inscriptions, emblems, or camouflages to show off your battle achievements on the Global Map.

Expedition Stages

Probability of getting task

Special Award

Phase 1








80 % for all Phases

Randomly selected tank inscription

Phase 2

Randomly selected tank logo

Phase 3

9,000 to Clan treasury

Phase 4

Clan tank camouflage

Phase 5

12,000 to Clan treasury

Phase 6

14,000 to Clan treasury

Phase 7

Digital camo

Phase 8

16,000 to Clan treasury

Phase 9

20,000 to Clan treasury

Phase 10

25,000 to Clan treasury


Thus, after completion of whole chain of tasks within an expedition, a Clan will get 96,000 for the Clan treasury, a unique inscription, a tank logo and two camouflage.

Examples of unique rewards for taking part in expeditions on Global Map:

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Scenario - Scenario tasks are assigned after a Clan is created. At that the scenario looks like a "tree": at certain moment, you can choose one of the several options, which, in their turn, lead to a separate chain of tasks.

Scenario name



Zero Hour

Enroll no less than 15 chips in the Clan


First Damage

Score 10,000 experience in landing battles



Win landing tournament or revolt


March of Triumph: Part 1

Gain 10 victories in landing battles or revolts


March of Triumph: Part 2

Gain 50 victories in landing battles or revolts


Invasion: Part 1

Capture province with income of 240 or more


Invasion: Part 2

Capture province with income of 480 or more


Invasion: Part 3

Capture province with income of 960 or more


Invasion: Part 4

Capture province with income of 2,400 or more


The Rule of the Gun: Part 1

Capture two provinces and hold them during 48 turns


The Rule of the Gun: Part 2

Capture three provinces and hold them during 72 turns



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clan Task? Why do we need it?

Clan Tasks are a great way to earn bonuses for your clan, and they help new clans get acquainted with the Global Map.

What kinds of Clan Tasks are available?

There are two types of tasks: Scenario and Expedition. Scenario tasks are available immediately after Clan creation, and help you become familiar with Global Map mechanics. Expedition tasks are available to any Clan that has captured a province on the Global Map.

What rewards can I earn for completing a task?

Clans receive Gold for completing any Clan Task.  Expedition tasks can also grant special inscriptions, emblems, or camouflage.

Can I choose not to complete a Clan Task?

Yes, there are no penalties if you choose to skip a Clan Task.

Can multiple Expedition tasks be active at the same time?

No, there can only be one Expedition active at any time.

Who can activate a Clan Task?

Clan Tasks are activated automatically.

If I join a clan while an Expedition task is in progress, can I receive the reward?

To receive an award for an Expedition, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Be a member of the clan completing the task when the task is completed
  • Participate in a battle on the Global Map while the Clan Task is in progress

If I complete a task and receive an award in Clan A, can I complete the same task and receive the same reward in Clan B?

Yes, you can!

If I take part in a Clan Task, but leave the Clan before the task is completed, will I receive the award?

No, you must be in the Clan when the task is completed to receive the reward.

Can I apply awarded inscriptions, emblems, and camouflage to multiple tanks?

No, awarded inscriptions, emblems, and camouflage can only be applied to one tank.  If you would like to apply the same reward on another tank, you will need to complete another Clan Task that grants that reward.

How many unused camouflage rewards can I have at a time?

New camouflage rewards will replace any unapplied camouflage. You can only store one reward camouflage in your Depot.

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