World of Tanks @ Aquino 2022 Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Complete three items to earn a raffle ticket, complete all and get three extra tickets! Talk to a member of the World of Tanks crew at our booth to get your tickets.

  • Take a selfie with:
    • “Bart” the Sherman
    • “Bobby” the M24 Chaffee
    • T-34
    • Hetzer
    • Berlin Chieftain
    • You and your exclusive “Bobby” t-shirt
  • Share a post on social media with the hashtag #WoTAquino2022
  • Take a selfie at the R/C Tank Arena
  • Find out four of the World of Tank's crew’s favorite tanks at the Ontario Regiment Museum:
    • Cmdr_AF’s Favorite?
    • TragicLoss’ Favorite?
    • FixItInPost’s Favorite?
    • Jambijon’s Favorite?
    • ChauncyBillups’ Favorite?
    • Domosapien’s Favorite?
    • Twohabs’ Favortie?