Update 1.13 for World of Tanks is coming your way, and we haven't had such a big one in a long time! It introduces the reworked mechanics for dealing damage with HE shells, and new features for countering SPGs. We're continuing to work on rebalancing popular vehicles and improving the combat effectiveness of three light tanks and six Clan Wars reward vehicles. In Update 1.13, you will also get to experience the brand-new Recon Mission mode, a fresh set of interface solutions, the reworked Minsk map, and several other new features. Enjoy!

New Mechanics

With your help, we completed a whole series of Sandbox, Common, and supertests. The changes we roll out in this Update will affect HE shell mechanics, SPGs and other vehicles. It was a complex task, but we succeeded together! Watch the video below to learn more about how the new mechanics work.

Complex Rework of HE Shells

One of the most important features of this large update is the complex rework of HE shells. In the new system, HE shells will be able to penetrate armor and cause damage at the point of impact. They will also be able to penetrate screens, tracks, the wheels of wheeled vehicles at the point of impact, as well as insignificant and/or destructible obstacles. Learn more about the reworked mechanics in the dedicated article below.


Changes to Vehicles and SPGs

Non-SPG players now have 3 new tactical features at their disposal to counteract artillery: Sound Detection (aka "Sixth Sense for Arty"), brighter shell tracers, and field of fire markers on the minimap.

Another new feature is the reworked Intuition perk, which will still be available for the Loader to learn. It will become a skill that allows you to greatly speed up the process of changing the shell type and will be available for all vehicles in the game.

SPGs will now have three shell types available to them. Each will feature its own combat purpose, trajectory, and velocity, so you will now have a greater variety of tactical opportunities. Two of these shell types will not cause stun, which will significantly reduce the total stun duration in battles. We've also refined the interface for SPG players.


Premium Tanks Rebalancing

In Update 1.13, three light tanks will receive improvements. We're updating their combat parameters and enhancing their strengths to improve their gameplay.

The M41D will now become more confident in its role as a fast and mobile scout. We slightly increased its maximum forward and reverse speed, and improved its view range from 390 to 410 meters. The FV1066 Senlac also received an increased view range (from 400 to 410 meters), and its gun became more accurate. The T92 received a slight increase in armor penetration for both standard and special shells.

In addition to light tanks, we've improved the performance of the ISU-130. This tank destroyer now boasts increased engine power and horizontal aiming angles. We also increased the armor penetration of both standard and special shells, as well as the velocity of standard and HE shells.


Clan Wars Reward Tanks Rebalancing

We also took a closer look at the combat performance of six Clan Wars reward vehicles. We've improved the characteristics of two Tier X tanks (the M60 and the 121B) and four Tier VII–VIII vehicles (the IS-5, the Т23Е3, the Chieftain/T95, and the KV-4 Kreslavskiy). Their gameplay will not change, but now they can better perform their proper roles.


Mode Selection Interface Improvements

Now it will be more convenient for you to choose the mode you want to play! We're introducing a standard, full-size screen with separate windows for the available in-game modes. Each mode will feature a brief preview and a more detailed description on a separate page. You will also be able to track your progress in some of the modes you play.


Interface Improvements Continue!

We continue to implement the most useful solutions inspired by popular mods. You can now track the HP of both allies and opponents in the player list and on the minimap, so you'll have more room to make smarter strategic decisions. You will also be able to better analyze the combat situation on the battlefield and find more opportunities to take crucial positions, change flanks, or perform other maneuvers thanks to Commander Camera. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to look over obstacles and observe spotted enemy vehicles in Tactical View.


Minsk Map Rebalancing

Many of you have asked us to improve the Minsk map to make battles on it more comfortable and exciting. Following your feedback, we made several improvements to the birthplace of Wargaming and:

  • lowered the water level in the Svisloch River, which resulted in many additional shelters and firing positions.
  • removed some objects that interfered with lines of fire.
  • optimized the volume of helicopters and planes flying over the map.
  • introduced other balance changes.

Plus, the season on the map has changed to autumn, and as such, visibility has improved in some areas.

Now the map will be more versatile when it comes to choosing flanks and will allow teams to implement creative new tactics.


Replacing Blueprint Fragments

We've also improved the blueprints system. Now countries of different national formations in the "Second Front" Personal Missions campaign will provide each other with mutual assistance. If, when creating a vehicle blueprint fragment, you don't have enough national fragments, you can replace them with national fragments of the allied nation at a 1:6 ratio. For example, if you need one more German national fragment to create a blueprint fragment for a German vehicle, then you can use six Japanese national fragments instead.


Try Out New Maps in Recon Mission!

A new mode is coming to World of Tanks—Recon Mission. In this mode, you can explore maps that are in the late stages of development. After playing a certain number of battles in Recon Mission, you'll be able to vote for one of the maps you explored and take part in a special survey. Your feedback will help us better understand what adjustments we need to make to that map in its further development.


Brace Yourselves for Battle Pass Season V!

Get ready to win tons of valuable rewards in Battle Pass Season V, Commanders! It will run for 3 months and consists of three Chapters, each comprising 50 consecutive Stages. Battle Pass Season V will feature three new Core Vehicles: the AMX 50 B, the CS-63, and the FV217 Badger.
You'll be able to choose one of the three new progressive styles for the three Core Vehicles at the beginning of each Chapter. Showcase your skills in intense battles to get the opportunity to earn a new piece of Bounty Equipment (Bounty Low Noise Exhaust System), up to three custom crew members, and other valuable rewards!

Ranked Battles Season X

A new test season—Season X—is coming to Ranked Battles. Kicking off on June 28, this experimental Season features an updated format of battles and other changes. The test Season will run for two weeks instead of the usual three. Battles in Season X will take place between two teams, with 10 players instead of 15 on each, and the number of chevrons you need to earn to move from one rank to another will be reduced.
Season X is not associated with the Annual Reward and Rank Tokens, but features unique rewards: a brand-new piece of improved equipment (Improved Compressor) and a new directive—Fuel Filter Replacement. Get ready for adrenaline-fueled battles and share your impressions! Your feedback will help us decide which format the next cycle of Ranked Battles will take in 2021–2022.

update 1.13

Premium Account

Players with Premium Account will be credited an additional 24 hours of WoT Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you'd like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

update 1.13


World of Tanks servers will be down on 22 June at 00:30 PT | 2:30 CT | 3:30 ET to 6:00 PT | 8:00 CT | 9:00 ET.

To Battle, Commanders!
Experience battles with reworked HE shells, explore new maps in Recon Mission, and try out new tools for countering SPGs and other features of this large update!