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Media Recognition

  • World of Tanks offers an in-depth gaming experience.
  • There is something about tanks that makes people go WAW.
  • World of Tanks offers a fun gaming experience that can range from the casual to the obsessive.
  • Exciting battles and lot of tactics.
  • Whether you’re an old school historic wargamer, first person shooter fan, or one of those fanatical RPG fans, World of Tanks has something for you.
  • If you enjoy WW2 and tanks this is most definitely a game for you.
  • The most popular MMO in recent years.
  • The best thing about World of Tanks is that you can take the controls of its brutal, oily, grumbling gunfighting giants for free.
  • World of Tanks looks to be an ever-evolving title with ambitions to stay fresh for the foreseeable future.
  • That means it's inevitably in a fairly small niche of the market, but that doesn't stop it from shining brightly.
  • World of Tanks in one big virtual combat playground.
  • World of Tanks is one of the fastest growing free-to-play games available on PC.
  • Fun, free and full of highly dangerous machinery. IGN
  • It takes high-energy tank combat with simple controls, mixes in a helping of old-school simulation flavor, and makes it highly accessible to anyone with a desire to blow things up. Internet Games
  • [World of Tanks] has some depth for you to explore in the endless possible loadouts and configurations that are possible across the ludicrous number of tanks on offer. Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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