Meet the Clans

Here we take a look at each of the 16 qualified teams. To make it interesting, we let them author their own descriptions, so you could really see the type of personalities present in these clans. Read on and learn who each of the Clans fighting for the top prize are, how they got here, and a bit about their history.

Finished:   1st [OTTER]Ottercratic Teutonic Theocrats of the Eternal Reich
OTTER is the NA server's Valhalla. In OTTER, heroes from clans far and wide have been selected and gathered under an exceptional officer corps to dominate tier 10 combat. OTTER has a history of not only defining the metagame, but also being flexible and ready to adapt to difficult situations. While OTTER's core is an integral part of the clan, we pride ourselves in refreshing our lineup and scouting out new talent. We're always looking for fights, so come declare war on our stronghold and show us a good time!
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Allu_o7o7o7


Finished:   2nd [BULBA]Cheeki Breeki )))
BULBA is a social clan centered on family values and built around friendship. Feel free to join us for weekly anime club meetings on our teamspeak We feel we're unique because we recruit based on Personality Rating, as well as Personal Rating (the best metric of skill in the game). This means that we're less likely to have drama in our clan because we're all friendly and personable. BULBA's gaming community is multicultural, so whether you're Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Japanese, or anything else: you're welcome in BULBA. _AntThief_ is a diplomat, Brettk42O2 is the best 4202 player, and you could be our next big thing.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:_Shrew


Finished:   3rd/4th [CHAI]Cheng Guan
CHAI is a multi clan community consisting of mostly Chinese players situated in North America. Our goals are to build and maintain a friendly and fun community for our members. Although not Clan Wars focused, CHAI has been reputed to be one of the Top 10 clans on the server from experienced callers and being able to field great talent.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:HoHoHaHee


Finished:   3rd/4th [RUS]Hardware
RUS was created in 2011 by ZeeVee. The original RUS consisted of all Russian players like Katukov and Sov13t. On the European map RUS occupied and held Italy. In North America RUS occupied and held 22:00 zones. RUS members created 2 Gold League teams and 2 Silver League teams, of whom 2 of the teams then went on their way to eventually become North American champions. Currently RUS has 100% English speaking population of whom 50% are American/Mexican/Polish/Georgian/Ukrainian/BLR/German/French/English/New Zealand/Australian/Mongolian/Canadian/Other South/Central Americas. We are a fighter clan, we do not like farming clans like PBKAC.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:wril


Finished:   5-8th [-G-]Guerrillas
-G- , for four years, has been a clan wars and event powerhouse who finds themselves in the rare position of underdog due to some recent player losses and organizational changes. -G- will be looking to restablish themselves as a force in the community and destination for top tier players looking for a semi-casual but highly competitive environment to showcase their skills.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Yankee


Finished:   5-8th [PBKAC]Peoples Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Action Committeh
Originally started as a clan for cat loving communists, PBKAC has evolved in to a clan wars stalwart and haven for members of a controversial web forum. With half a decade of Clan Wars experience, PBKAC still prides itself on being a plucky underdog and will do their best to defy your expectations, no matter what they may be.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:ZiddyCat


Finished:   5-8th [PINGU]NootNoot
PINGU is a relatively new clan founded by players coming from multiple top clans who were looking for something different out of a clan. Based on timing, the first goal of the clan was the Invitational Tournament. We wanted start out big and prove what we are capable of doing.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:RyanGetzlaf


Finished:   5-8th [SIMP]S.I.M.P.
  • Most campaign reward tanks won.
  • 5,000,000+ Clan Wars gold won over the past 2 years.
  • 3,000,000,000+ Worth of gold won in tournaments. (lol, that number includes cash prizes. If you don't include them, then we'd need to do a lot of math.)
  • An environment built to encourage and promote success in both Clan Wars and Tournaments.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:MacGhandi


Finished:   9-12th [ESPRT]-Esprit De Corps-
By definition, Esprit De Corps means the common spirit that exists within a group that inspires enthusiasm, devotion, and honor. We are adult gamers with families, careers, and real life obligations, as such we know how valuable our gaming time is and how we like to spend it. Our mission is to provide an active and high quality end-game community to our players that focuses to maximize enjoyment and time both in and out of game. While relatively new, ESPRT has achieved a top 10 ranking in the third campaign, multiple successful operations on the Clan Wars map, and is consistently ranking in CW Tournaments. Esprit De Corps shows that maturity and professionalism, combined with teamwork and player ability, is a winning combination.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Inchon


Finished:   9-12th [RELIC]Relic Armoured

RELIC are a casual clan of trynots, we've been kicking about since before the game came out of beta, and are alongside RedSky & Sturmgrenadiers, amongst the last bastion of original Clans who still play Clan Wars (i use the term "play" loosely).Our achievements are still being alive after 4 years, seeing every clan above us eventually end up below us, seeing the vast majority of them die in the process, and having a hand in quite a few of them, although no malicious intent was intended.

God save the Queen!

Tournament Team » Clan Commander:lozarus


Finished:   9-12th [THUGZ]Thug Lyfe
THUGZ were created as a subclan to VILIN in mid 2013 and have since become the figurehead of Evil Gaming, a gaming community where a handful of clans hang out and play tanks together. As a clan we try to stay away from clan politics and just do what we like to do on the clan wars map. We love to fight, it really doesn't matter who it is simply because the thrill of a good battle is not lost on us. There's so much character in this clan and we've all come together really well as a team and I think that's really the core of who we are, for better or worse we just love to play.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:SirVex


Finished:   9-12th [VILIN]Villain
Villain is a clan based on fun that prides itself in Clan Wars excellence. Known for weekly wardecs, we actively look for fights on the Global Map. We enjoy fighting top clans and really only take Clan Wars seriously. If you like soundboards, Clan Wars and no drama Villain is the clan for you!
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:LZ_Schneider


Finished:   13-16th [BLUE5]TheBluesBrothers
Blues Brothers is a clan focused on clan wars, strongholds, and selected tournaments. Our band abides by a mutual trust based ethos among our members that is the foundation for winning gigs. It takes work to play the tunes together, because harmony is the key to winning and winning isn’t easy! We are working hard to become a premier World of Tanks clan with the ability to consistently defeat other premier clans in battle providing them the opportunity to sing the blues! We are On a Mission from God because when all is said and done, it’s all about the band, it’s all about the Harmony!
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:CoolBreeze63


Finished:   13-16th [_NPC_]Civilians
We are a group of Spanish-speaking players from all over South America trying to prove that we can have some voice on this server. I formed this clan with the idea of having a small group of really good players to face the 3rd Campaign without headaches, and after that we've just grown up when the remaining of South America's good players decided to come too.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Pollenz


Finished:   13-16th [NTR]>Vidya Gaems
NTR started as an "elitist" 51% winrate hired gun of THIRD, a clan of NA server players with a lot of loyalty for a rather infamous imageboard. It was all part of our plan to provide a better platooning environment, perhaps get some gold, and at least be better than our natural enemy Reddit, which would demonstrate our superiority over a big guy, at least for us. However, it doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan. You think the memes are your ally, but you merely adopted the memes. We were born in it, molded by it. No one cared who we were until we were put on the map. We didn't fly so good, but we pulled it off and then we died. The clan crashed with no survivors, but now, the fire rises. After all, they expect one of us in the wreckage.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Zazie


Finished:   13-16th [REL_3]Relic Third Armoured
Relic 3rd was raised in July 2012 the second subclan of RELIC Armoured. After cutting our teeth in Italy supporting Relic Main we moved to North America and have thrown chips in several server wars since. Our strength remains our members. Never afraid to face top competition, share laughs on TeamSpeak, or help each other out to improve our tanking. Basically, we just try to not be Loz's redheaded stepchild. Apologies to all the redheaded step children out there.
Tournament Team » Clan Commander:Powderworx


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