Military Invitational (by Salute)
Tournament status: Registration closed Registration closed

Military Invitational (by Salute)

Tournament status:

Registration closed Registration closed


The schedule will be published after registration is finished.

  • Group Stage
    Day 1:

    US 3


  • 152 Confirmed teams
  • SE + RR Tournament bracket
  • US 3 Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 3 + 1 substitute
  • Battle mode Attack/Defense
  • Vehicle tier X
  • Allowed total tier 30
  • Additional information Each team must have a U.S. or Canadian Military Unit/Division/Ship (101st Airborne Division, U.S.S. Virginia, for instance) in their description




Place Reward
1st place in playoff:  5,000 Gold per player + 3,000 Bonds per player
2nd place in playoff: 3,000 Gold per player + 2,000 Bonds per player
3rd place in playoff: 2,500 Gold per player + 2,000 Bonds per player
4th place in playoff: 2,000 Gold per player + 1,500 Bonds per player
5-8 places in playoff: 1,500 Gold per player + 1,000 Bonds per player
9-16 places in playoff: 1,000 Gold per player + 500 Bonds per player
17-32 places in playoff: 500 Gold per player + 300 Bonds per player
33-64 places in playoff: 300 Gold per player + 100 Bonds per player

Confirmed teams

Team Game server Registration option
(Team unconfirmed)


  • WoT Salute requirement
  • Special prizes
  • Reporting Tournament issues and changes


Registration End: 1/24 at 20:59 PT | 22:59 CT | 23:59 ET

Tournament Start: 1/30 at 17:30 PT | 19:30 CT | 20:30 ET

The full schedule is subject to change once the final team count has been determined at the close of registration.

WG may change dates and times as needed to complete the tournament.

Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!



  • 3/30 Format
  • 3v3
  • Tier 10
  • 4 teams per group, 2 top teams advance to playoff
  • Attack/Defense on multiple maps
  • Cap time is 110 seconds
  • 3 battles each match, first team to win 2 battles wins the match. If none of the teams wins 2 battles, the highest score wins (1:0 also will be considered as a win). In case of a draw, both teams lose.
  • Battles will last 8 minutes max
  • There will be 5-minute staging/round breaks
  • No tiebreaker!
  • ROUND ROBIN: Teams earn 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss or draw.
  • Ties in points will go to the player who beat the tied player in the series
    • Player 1 and Player 2 are tied for points
    • During the series, Player 1 beat Player 2 and is, therefore, the winner of the tie.
  • Gold, Credits, Free XP Prizing is always split among the entire team based on the AMOUNT OF BATTLES A PLAYER participated in unless specified otherwise.
  • A player must participate in at least 1 battle to qualify for prizes.
  • Only players who have a game account registered at Wargaming portal and physically reside in North or South America are allowed to participate in the Tournament.​
  • All tournament details, scheduling, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice.
  • Breaking EULA or Game Rules will disqualify your team from the end results with no prizing.
WoT Salute requirement

WoT Salute requirement

Each must have one member of WoT Salute on their team, players can register for WoT Salute here.

Teams without a WoT Salute member will be removed from the tournament before the start.

Special prizes

Special prizes

Each team must have a U.S. or Canadian Military Unit/Division/Ship (101st Airborne Division, U.S.S. Virginia, for instance) in their description.

The winning teams chosen unit will get the following (players will be ineligible for cash prizes):

  • First place: $5,000
  • Second place: $2,500
  • Third place: $1,500
  • Fourth place: $1,000

If we are unable to locate or give funds to a chosen military unit, we will give the funds to a WG approved military charity.

Reporting Tournament issues and changes

Reporting Tournament issues and changes

Issues and/or changes are reported through our CS Support Center. Details are listed below:

The category you will place your ticket will be Game and Gameplay - Missions and Specials - Missions - Game Event Missions

When submitting your ticket, please include the following information:

  • Team name and link to the team:
  • Tournament name:
  • Date of the tournament:
  • Issue:

For roster change request, include

IMPORTANT: Only the Captain of the team may request changes or alterations to a team, and they must be the ones who submit the ticket.

  • Players to add:
  • Players to remove:
  • Added players WoT profile page:

For rewards issues, include

  • Placement in standings:
  • Expected rewards:

For rules violations, include

  • Replays of tournament battles:
  • Rule violators team name and link to the team:

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