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Call to Arms Light is a clan tournament designed to pit teams of 10 against each other. Clans fight for honor and glory in the tier VIII battles! In order to participate member of the team  must  be from the same clan! Does your clan have what it takes to answer the Call?


The schedule will be published after registration is finished.

  • Group Stage
    Day 1:

    US 3


  • 26 Confirmed teams
  • RR Tournament bracket
  • Clan gold & bonds Prize pool
  • US 3 Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 10 + 20 substitutes
  • Battle mode Standard battle
  • Vehicle tier VIII
  • Allowed total tier 80
  • Additional information In order to participate member of the team must be from the same clan!




Place Reward
1st Place 8,000 Gold to Clan Treasury + 5,000 Bonds to Clan Treasury
2nd Place 5,000 Gold to Clan Treasury + 3,000 Bonds to Clan Treasury
3rd Place 4,000 Gold to Clan Treasury
4th Place 1,500 Gold to Clan Treasury

Confirmed teams

Team Game server Registration option
(Team unconfirmed)


  • Schedule
  • Victory Conditions
  • Reporting Tournament issues and changes


Registration End: 2/27 at 15:00 PT | 17:00 CT | 18:00 ET

Tournament Start: 2/27 at 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET

  • Round 1: 4:00pm PT / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm ET
  • Round 2: 4:15pm PT / 6:15pm CT / 7:15pm ET
  • Round 3: 4:30pm PT / 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET
  • Round 4: 4:45pm PT / 6:45pm CT / 7:45pm ET
  • Round 5: 5:00pm PT / 7:00pm CT / 8:00pm ET

Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!



  • 10/80 Format
  • 10v10
  • Tier 8
  • 6 teams per group
  • Standard on Westfield
  • Fog of War is enabled
  • Standard cap time
  • Round Robin - 1 battle each
  • Battles will last 10 minutes max.
  • There will be 5-minute staging/round breaks
  • No tiebreakers
  • All prizes are manually credited and can take up to 1 week after the tournament finishes to be fulfilled.
  • All tournament details, scheduling, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice.
  • Breaking EULA or Game Rules will disqualify your team from the end results with no prizing.
  • One Clan is allowed to create multiple teams for this tournament, but each player can only join one team.
  • Once a team captain creates a team only people from that player's Clan will be able to join it.
Victory Conditions

Victory Conditions

  • Teams will play all teams within their group.
  • There will be a maximum of 6 teams per group.
  • Battles begin every 15 minutes.
  • Each battle will last a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • Winners are paid out per group, based on their final position.
  • If two or more teams are tied for one position, all the teams are credited as the lowest possible prize position (example #1: if two teams are tied for 1st place, they are both credited as 2nd place; example #2: if three teams are tied for the 2nd place, they all are credited as the 4th place).
Reporting Tournament issues and changes

Reporting Tournament issues and changes

Issues and/or changes are reported through our CS Support Center. Details are listed below:

The category you will place your ticket will be Game and Gameplay - Missions and Specials - Missions - Game Event Missions

When submitting your ticket, please include the following information:

  • Team name and link to the team:
  • Tournament name:
  • Date of tournament:
  • Issue:

For roster change request, include

IMPORTANT: Only the Captain of the team may request changes or alterations to a team, and they must be the ones who submit the ticket.

  • Players to add:
  • Players to remove:
  • Added players WoT profile page:

For rewards issues, include

  • Placement in standings:
  • Expected rewards:

For rules violations, include

  • Replays of tournament battles:
  • Rule violators team name and link to the team:

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