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Wargaming at GDC


Wargaming is at GDC this week, celebrating 15 years of existence, sharing all of the latest company updates, and making a few surprise announcements like World of Tanks: Blitz, an upcoming version of WoT for Android and iOS allowing you to play on your phones and tablet devices.

Global Expansion

  • Day 1 Studios - We're exploring new opportunities in multiplatform expansion. All the experience and expertise the Chicago team has accumulated over 15 years of making console games is a key to our future successes.
  • Gas Powered Games - An acquisition Wargmaing couldn't pass up, GPG is a company filled with highly experienced and talented individuals. Currently, GPG is working on a prototype of a new free-to-play MMO title.

Announcing World of Tanks Blitz

  • World of Tanks: Blitz is a mobile version of World of Tanks built for tablets and smartphones
  • It will be Free-to-Play for iOS and Android
  • 7v7 battles
  • More than 80 tanks from nations such as United States, Germany, and USSR

World of Tanks Generals Update

  • World of Tanks Generals will be integrated into the World of Tanks portal soon
  • Includes three nations at launch
  • New economy and research model

World of Warships

  • Current status: Pre-alpha, but the key gameplay features are already in the game
  • Currently being focus tested in the US and Russia with lots of positive feedback thusfar

World of Warplanes 4.1 Update

  • Two new maps
  • More Premium warplanes
  • New camera mode
  • New control system
  • Better visuals

World of Tanks Recent Highlights and League

  • 55 million registered players for World of Tanks
  • New Guinness World Record for most players signed on one MOG server
  • Global Peak Concurrent Users (PCU) is around 1.3 million
  • Launched version 8.4 with new United Kingdom Tank Destroyers
  • The 8.5 update will come in April and will introduce new vehicles
  • New changes to the World of Tanks economy will be coming soon
  • Announced the League with our upcoming regional championship series and Global Grand Finals
  • The key to our growth will be with regular updates, content, features, and listening to our players