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How We Made "War Knows No Nation"

After we released our "War Knows No Nation" 360° experience, we’ve been bombarded by questions about how we made it! We're happy to answer you, and we've produced a "Making of" video which discusses the details of producing CGI in panoramic format, the cameras we used and some of the difficulties we faced during filming.

We hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes as we bring history to life! 

Again, our very special thanks to the three war veterans who helped us make this possible:
  • Tom Sator, an American war veteran, served in the 4th Armored Division and took part in battles in Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia.
  • David Render is one of Britain's last surviving tank troop commanders of the Second World War to have participated in the D-Day landing.
  • Alexander Fen, a retired Belarussian Major General, served in the 84th and 31st Tank Brigades and took part in the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk.