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World of Tanks Classic, Season I Week 7

World of Tanks Classic

We're proud to present week 7 of the World of Tanks Classic, Season I

World of Tanks Classic, Season I

This Week's Schedule

This week's battles will take place on Saturday the 12th, at 5:00 PM PDT (00:00 UTC, on the following day).

The map played on will be Cliff

Make sure you check your team's schedule each week on Friday to be sure that battles are ready and nothing has been changed!

Week 6 Shoutcast Highlights

R6 Prokharovka - RELIC ARMOURED Corky Brigade vs KING

R6 Prokharovka - Sturmgrenadier vs Hardware Rus

R6 Prokharovka - Havok Nation vs RMAD

R6 Prokharovka - Team Special Forces vs RCTR

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