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Compete to Join WGLNA Silver or Bronze League

Are you a tanker with some serious skills looking for more than fighting in the occasional Skirmish or Stand-To?

Here’s your chance to step up and see if you have what it takes to flip those strats into some serious Gold, as Wargaming is opening up the registration for both the Silver and Bronze leagues, increasing the prizes for players competing in each division this season.

Teams compete in Wargaming’s 7/54, attack/defense mode, with the top squads in the tournament earning a berth in the Silver League, and teams ranked the next highest between the playoffs and group stages earning a berth in the Bronze League.

With prizes this season increasing dramatically across the board (60,000 for first place prize in Silver, 30,000 for first place prize in Bronze), the competition to reach the top of the leaderboards promises to be fierce.

Register today and see if your team has what it takes to play with the pros!

WGLNA Silver/Bronze League Qualifiers
Tournament Page ♦ Registration Page ♦ Forum Thread


Tournament StageDateTime
Group Stage Round 1 Monday, June 15 18:30 PST (21:30 EST)
Group Stage Round 2 Tuesday, June 16 18:30 PST (21:30 EST)
Group Stage Round 3 Wednesday, June 17 18:30 PST (21:30 EST)
Tie-Breaker Thursday, June 18 18:30 PST (21:30 EST)
Playoff Round 1 Friday, June 19 18:30 PST (21:30 EST)
Playoff Round 2 Saturday, June 20 17:30 PST (20:30 EST)
Playoff Round 3 Saturday, June 20 19:30 PST (22:30 EST)