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Weekend Warfare 8


Light tanks are sprinting to Steppes for the next Weekend Warfare! Fast, maneuverable and able to spot your enemies from afar, race your way to victory and 1,000!

Registration Begins: Open Now!

Registration Ends: Thursday, February 27, 09:00 PST (12:00 EST)

The following information is an overview only. Be sure to check these links for complete rules and regulations, or any late-breaking updates:

Early Tournament

Late Tournament

Tier Limits

With a maximum of five (5) players per battle, a team (maximum eight (8) players per team) must deploy a selection of vehicles based on the maximum tier limits below.

  • 5 vs 5
  • Tier Limits
    • Light Tanks: VII
    • All other tanks/tiers not applicable
  • Points: 29
  • Map: Steppes (Encounter)
Victory Conditions
  • The winner of each round will be determined in a best of five (5) series.
  • Each battle will last 10 minutes
  • Round 1: Thursday, February 27th
  • Quarterfinals: Friday, February 28th
  • Semi-Finals: Saturday, March 1st
  • Finals and 3rd Place: Sunday, March 2nd

    Note that only the first 32 teams to apply will be allowed to participate. If enough teams apply, a second bracket with up to 32 additional teams may be added.

  • First Place: 1,000
  • Second Place: 800
  • Third Place: 700