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WCG 2012: Grand Finals in Kunshan, China


As you may remember, World of Tanks was added to the line up of this year's WCG events.  The Finals for North America were held at this year's New York Comic Con, with Fulcrum Gaming (then Team Curse) coming out on top.

Fulcrum Gaming will be headed to Kunshan, China for the main event, the 2012 WCG Grand Final!  They'll be competing against some of the best teams from around the world for a top prize of $28,000, $14,000 for second place, and a respectable $7,000 for third place.

The map pool for the main event includes the following:

  • Ensk
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Ruinberg
  • Steppes
  • Prokhorovka
  • Lakeville

The groupings for each team have already been announced:

World of Tanks - Group A
Team ID                    
Nationality (Rank)
Odem Mortis Germany
3 SBP Zawisza Poland
4 Urban Gamer Malaysia
5 wot-noobs Belarus
6 PVP SEA Philippines
7 Anubis Empire Vietnam
8 Fulcrum Gaming USA
World of Tanks - Group B
No. Team ID Nationality (Rank)
1 The RED: Rush Russia
2 WaveKnight China
3 BigClan UK
4 28th Singapore Armoured Corp Singapore
5 LastMinute France
6 RTA-E Thailand
7 The Red: RUSH   Ukraine


If you aren't able to make it the the main event, don't sweat it!  WCG will be streaming the footage for the entire tournament.  As soon as the information becomes available we'll hand you a timetable and link to the dedicated feed.  In the mean time, let's wish Team Fulcrum, our NA representative at this prestigious event, the best of luck!